Ready to Stop Judging Yourself?

Posted on May 23, 2018

"I was tired of listening to my harshest critic, the little voice in my head, so I became more KIND to myself." -Member of MyHyperhidrosisTeam

You may judge yourself and others every day without realizing it. Like many members of MyHyperhidrosisTeam have found, living with excessive sweating is an exercise in frustrating moments. You may blame yourself when you look in the mirror, when you sweat through clothing, or when simple tasks are hard to accomplish. The problem is when you let these internal judgments shape belief in yourself.

Here are recent conversations from members on MyHyperhidrosisTeam:

"Today was a good day. I have hyper palms and feet. For as long as I can remember it has been an issue for me. Everything gets wet and because of this, I quit playing the piano. I am trying acupuncture now, one treatment so far, I believe it’s a little better..."

"I'm having a really good day for once, sweated a little from my face and head but not to bad, even sat in the garden, I dare say I will be back to normal tomorrow but will enjoy it when I can!"

"Slept a little better last night, so hoping for a good day. Have a hair appointment, but the girl I see knows about my HH. Does anyone find that some people raise your stress/anxiety levels, so affect your HH?"

Experts in mindfulness and self-care recommend pausing a moment when you find you're judging yourself. Be aware of those judgments. Ask yourself where this is coming from. Use the moment to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Do you recall a time when you were particularly critical of yourself? What are you doing to show yourself kindness in those moments? Share in the comments below or directly on MyHyperhidrosisTeam.

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