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I am nearly 44 not had a period for months not on any medication accept from Gabapentin which is prescribed for my back went to doctors gave blood all came back clear as thought I had an overactive thyroid but all clear every night I have to get up during the night to change bed clothing and now he wants me to get a chest x-ray due to having raised platelets don’t really understand what this means can someone help please

A MyHyperhidrosisTeam Member said:

I am on Gabapentin too but that isn't causing the sweating. I had the sweating many years before I got on the medication I laugh because I ask my doctor every 6-8 months to check my thyroid and I am always fine . I am looking for reasons as to why I am always hot and sweaty. I totally finished meopause like 7 or 8 years ago. FRUSTRATED as hell.

posted 10 months ago
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