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What are the specific symptoms of hyperhidrosis?

What are the specific symptoms of hyperhidrosis?

My body temperature seems to just run hot constantly to the point my partner and i sometimes sleep with a sheet between us as im too hot to touch is this a symptom of hyperhiddosis?
I do also sweat quite a lot and am often quite embarrassed especially when out. Not from everywhere but generally my body is just hot and then my face starts dripping to the point of having to carry a facewasher everywhere.
How do i get diagnosed?
I have addressed with gp and was sent… read more

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A MyHyperhidrosisTeam Member said:

I too have had every blood test imaginable for this sweating issue. I guess next step is to go to the dermatologist. I will share the info I have… read more

posted 3 months ago
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