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Catch up on the latest updates, events, and voices of others living with hyperhidrosis.
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Stress Keeps 1 in 3 Americans Up at Night

By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay ReporterTHURSDAY, Dec. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Millions of Americans are losing sleep as economic and political stress keeps them tossing and turning at night, a new study finds.In 2013, about 30 percent of...
Posted 12/20/2018
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Doctor Burnout Likely to Impair Care

By Dennis Thompson, HealthDay ReporterWEDNESDAY, Sept. 5, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- You're much more likely to receive poor or unprofessional health care if your doctor suffers from burnout, a new analysis contends.Physicians who feel burned out...
Posted 12/07/2018
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What are you thankful for?

As the year comes to a close, many of us at MyHyperhidrosisTeam are reflecting on the year and what we're thankful for. Living with hyperhidrosis isn't easy, but taking a moment to share gratitude with the community can help boost spirits. To...
Posted 11/20/2018
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Health Tip: Coping With Sweaty Feet

By Diana Kohnle, HealthDay Reporter(HealthDay News) -- If your feet are sweaty much of the time, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. While it's not cause for worry, you can do things to cope with excess sweating.Here are some...
Posted 11/09/2018
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Excess Sweating Can Be a Drenching, Wrenching Burden

By Amy Norton, HealthDay ReporterWEDNESDAY, Dec. 7, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- People with hyperhidrosis -- an excessive sweating condition -- also seem to have higher-than-average rates of anxiety and depression, a new study suggests.Roughly 21...
Posted 10/26/2018
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Replace Fear-Based Thinking with Love-Based Thinking

"Replace fear-based thinking with love-based thinking. Every time you're making a choice, ask yourself if it's going to cultivate the experience of unity and love or the experience of separation and stress." – Deepak ChopraWe all experience fear....
Posted 09/09/2018
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Hyperhidrosis Treatments

There are now more treatments for hyperhidrosis than ever before. Hyperhidrosis treatments fall into three main categories: Topical antiperspirants, medications, and medical procedures. No one treatment is effective for everyone with...
Posted 08/29/2018
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Hyperhidrosis – The Path to Diagnosis

How is hyperhidrosis diagnosed?Many primary care physicians are unfamiliar with hyperhidrosis. Some people who experience excessive sweating have their symptoms dismissed by their family doctor. Others with hyperhidrosis are too embarrassed to...
Posted 08/29/2018
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Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

The main symptom of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. People with hyperhidrosis experience sweating in different parts of the body and at different times. Sweating can also cause skin infections and psychological symptoms. Treatments can...
Posted 08/29/2018
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Hyperhidrosis – An Overview

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. Everyone sweats – sweating is one way we regulate our body temperature. However, people with hyperhidrosis sweat far more than is normal. Hyperhidrosis can cause people to drip...
Posted 08/29/2018
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